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The Cabinet in case of a political tsunami

In the event of a freak election in which PAP loses more than half of the parliamentary seats (it would certainly remain the party with the largest number of seats), PAP would need to form a coalition government with the Workers' Party (most probably) whose Chen Show Mao. Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang might serve in the cabinet. The PM will still be LHL.

Government policies will then be essentially PAP policies, subject to the moderating influence of WP. Such a development is in fact to be welcome.

There will not yet be any need, or opportunity, for the opposition parties to form a government entirely on their own.

So do not worry about the threat that Singapore would descend into chaos should PAP lose more than half of the parliamentary seats. It's PAP's scare tactic once again.

This post (quoted below, source) showcases the most impressive opposition candidates.

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 24, 2011

PAP Education Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen warns Singaporean about the possibility of a freak result in the coming election and says Singaporeans should only vote for the opposition if they believe it can run the country better than the PAP.

Based on the PAP’s miserable track record from 2006 to 2010, Singaporeans have every good reasons to believe that the opposition can do a better job.

The present opposition have more than sufficient talents to form an alternative Singapore government. Here’s our take on how a non-PAP cabinet may look like if the opposition wins the coming election on 7 May.

Prime Minister: Kenneth Jeyaretnam (RP)

The elder son of Singapore’s long-suffering opposition icon Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, Kenneth has both the capability and charisma to lead the nation. It’s about time we have a minority as a prime minister.

Deputy Prime Minister: Chiam See Tong (SPP)

Chiam is the longest-serving opposition MP in parliament since 1984. With his vast experience in parliament, he is the best man to assist Kenneth to reform the PAP’s rubber-stamped Third World parliament into a genuine First World one.

Finance Minister: Tan Jee Say (SDP)

A former principal private secretary of SM Goh and an oxford graduate, Mr Tan already drafted up an economic alternative for Singapore on his own. He brings years of experience from both the public and private sectors into the job and is passionate about serving Singapore. It’s time we need a rethink of our current economic policies.

Defence Minister: Tony Tan Lay Thiam (NSP)

A former SAF overseas scholar and major, Tony Tan is the best person for the job.

Health Minister: Dr Ang Yong Guan (SDP)

Mental health has been neglected for years in Singapore. With a psychiatrist heading the ministry, more resources will be available for it.

Home Affairs Minister: Sylvia Lim (WP)

Sylvia is a former inspector with the Singapore police and knows the system well. The alternative parties can finally have cycling trips and picnics in East Coast and anywhere else in Singapore.

Foreign Affairs Minister: Chen Show Mao (WP)

A Rhodes scholar armed with double degrees from Harvard and Oxford, Mr Chen has wide international experience and will not disgrace Singapore by describing it as a city instead of a sovereign state.

Law Minister: Jeanette Chong (NSP)

An experienced lawyer who runs her own practice, Jeanette is a possible candidate for the Law Minister. it’s time for Singaporeans to review some of the ridiculous laws put in place to curtail their political rights.

National Development Minister: Low Thia Kiang (WP)

Instead of wasting time playing music to a bull, Mr Low can now open the books and reveal the exact land and construction costs of HDB flats.

Education Minister: Hazel Poa (NSP)

A former PSC scholar and high-ranking senior official from the Education Ministry, Hazel will have what it takes to reform Singapore’s education system.

Manpower Minister: Dr Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP):

A social psychologist by training, Dr Vincent has done intensive research on how the minimum wage system was implemented in the United Kingdom.

Transport Minister: Jimmy Lee (SPP)

Jimmy holds an engineering degree from Cornell University and is a former scholar of the Defence Science and Technology Agency.

Information, Communication and Arts Minister: Benjamin Pwee (SPP)

Benjamin is a former overseas merit scholar who graduated with a double degree in music and literature from Cambridge University.

Community, Youth and Sports Minister: Nicole Seah (NSP)

The number of fans on Nicole’s Facebook increases from 100 to more than 13,000 in less than a week. She will have no problem attracting young Singaporeans to be involved in the community and sports.

The above is only a proposal. Please feel free to offer your own ideal candidates for the ministerial posts on offer! The opposition has more than sufficient talents to form a non-PAP government.

Penang had a freak result during the 2008 Malaysian elections. A team with no prior experience in governance was sworn in to lead the state government, but Penang did not collapse and is now thriving under the Malaysian opposition. Foreign investors did not flee Penang and it attracted the highest amount of foreign investment among Malaysian states last year. Our opposition will be able to do much better.

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