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Directory of Vincent Wijeysingha's pre-election and election rally speeches

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha's rally speeches are superbly crafted and delivered, combining intelligence, clarity, passion, sincerity, and eloquence. There has not been, in my experience, any better orator than him in Singapore. And he is on the right side.


Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha, born May 2, 1970, received his PhD from Sheffield University in the UK. He has had years of professional experience both in Singapore and in Britain.

He is presently the Executive Director of Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-government organization advocating the rights of low-waged migrant workers. Vincent also lectures and publishes scholarly papers on social work.

He joined the SDP because he realized he had a responsibility as a Singaporean to work for change. He participates in civil society work because he is concerned for the kind of Singapore future generations of Singaporeans will inherit.

“I cannot look the other way as more and more people experience the adverse effects of current PAP policies,” Vincent said when he joined the SDP.

His dual mission in politics is to alleviate the suffering of Singapore’s poor and to challenge the unjust conditions and circumstances that allow suffering to continue in our society. “An old lady, scrambling in the rubbish bins of our nation to eke out a living, is as profound an insult to humanity as it is possible to conceive,” Vincent writes in one of his many articles published on the SDP’s website.

Vincent, son of former Raffles Institution principal Eugene Wijeysingha, is perhaps best known for leading an SDP team in drawing up Shadow Budget 2011: Empowering the Nation, the SDP’s answer and alternative to the PAP Government’s Budget.

His erudition shows through in this document which has achieved history in that no alternative to the Budget has ever been published in Singapore. Shadow Budget 2011 can be downloaded free on the SDP website yoursdp.org.

Speeches (video)

The following directory of his public speeches will be updated regularly. A link to this blog post has been placed near the top right-hand corner of this page.

Political forum (CNA): here

Interview with Irene Ang: here

It's About You rally: here

Rally 1 (Apr 28, Yuhua Stadium): They never even asked us

Video: here
Text: here
Reports: here, here
Video of crowd cheering: here
Rally 2 (Apr 29, Jurong East Stadium) Teo Soh Lung will fight for you

Version 1: here
Version 2: Part 1: here, Part 2: here

Rally 3 (Apr 30, Woodlands Stadium)

Rally 4 (May 1, Clementi)  Then I know the PAP has failed; This is home where I root myself

version 1: here
version 2: part 1, part 2
report: here

Rally 5 (May 2, Commonwealth Field, Holland-BT): Conquer your fear; a coil of rope
Version 1 (the best): here
Version 2: here
Version 3: here
Text: here
A coil of rope (video, excerpt): here.

Rally 6 (May 3, Jelapang Road, Bukit Panjang): Let us speak now, before it's too late

Video: here

Rally 7 (May 4, Woodlands Stadium):  Are They Sorry?
Report, text and video: here
Video:  version 1 (better): here,
            version 2: here
Rally 8 (May 5 lunchtime, CBD): Minimum wage

Video: here
Rally 9 (Grand Finale) (May 5, Woodlands Stadium)

Video (initial portion): here

SDP Party Political Broadcast (May 6):


Extensive interview (text, published in Social Space, Oct 2011):  here

Speech on Internal Security Act and Operation Spectrum (video, June 2, 2012):  here

The ghosts of Whitley Road: An essay by Dr Vincent Wijeysingha: here

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