Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Democrats start preparation for next GE


Monday, 09 May 2011
Singapore Democrats

Yes, you read it right. The Singapore Democrats are already making plans to expand our on-the-ground operations in the constituencies that we contested in - and beyond.

We are getting together with our volunteers this weekend to thank everyone for their enormous contribution to the election campaign effort that saw us win over the support of many Singaporeans.

At the same time, we will use the opportunity to put together a coherent plan to serve the constituencies.

Our main objective is to make a difference in the people's lives and, in the process, set the party up to win in these wards in the next elections.

Over the campaign period we attracted hundreds of professionals and capable individuals who volunteered their help. Many said that they wanted to help in the post-election programme that the party will undertake.

Among these folks are legal and medical professionals, managers and educators, students and media consultants, etc who possess expertise that the SDP needs.

Already some ideas that have been thrown up include community services such as tuition help for needy students, legal clinics, and meals for the elderly poor. 

The one thing that the SDP has become known for is our organisational ability. Even before the GE, we had been conducting dry-runs and pre-election rallies. Our organisational capability showed through in our night rallies and candidates' ground campaigns. It even allowed us to stage a downtown lunchtime rally that eclipsed the PAP's.

But there were areas that we did not do well in. We will be conducting post-mortems and de-briefings over the next days and weeks to look into where we came up short with the view of rectifying them so that we upgrade our machinery to prepare for a better run in the next elections.

And as mentioned, we will build on the foundation that we have laid. With the amount of talent and expertise that we have attracted, we will expand Team SDP that will take the party to the next level of organisational capability and politics in Singapore to new heights.

The GE results were disappointing. But if you know us you will also know that the Singapore Democrats are not people who feel sorry for ourselves. We take stock of what we have and then we do the necessary, including making whatever sacrifices that are needed, to achieve our objectives.

We have never had anything handed to us. Under the PAP system we have had to work extra hard just to keep up with other parties, both ruling and opposition. But we shall overcome.

To this end, we ask all our supporters to come on board our train as it rolls inexorably towards democracy, equality and justice for our nation. 

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