Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vincent Wijeysingha Moves the Crowd at the SDP Rally at Commonwealth


I have been waiting to watch Vincent’s speech (here). Been following twitter, but it’s just not the same. His charisma is undeniable.

Established since that remarkable debate (here) on TV, during which even Tharman was obviously shaken. And you can see the evidence from the countless tweets from loads of young people.

Vincent covers everything that has been on my mind for years. The financially related worry like becoming destitute or having to postpone healthcare, because I can’t afford it.  Being ruined if faced with a major illness.  Unemployment.  Stuff that keeps me up at night and I am sure many others who are not in high earning jobs.

I hope someone like him, who is more of a social worker than a politician gets to be our leader in Parliament. What I mean is, thinks also with his heart and doesn’t treat people like digits.  We want someone who will really listen to us and I think SDP is that party. I don’t think their image has been reformed. I think all these years, we just did not have a chance to meet the real SDP. I am so glad that the online channels have been opened up to allow this.  Let me be fair and applaud the PAP for allowing this light touch on the alternative media this time around.  Let there be a fair competition.

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