Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PAP-controlled media worship hatchetman

Unsurprisingly, PAP-controlled media sing praises of the ruthless hatchetman, whitewashing all his unsavoury and repugnant traits and all his failures. 

Such servile and obsequious worship of the immoral tormentor of the many good, decent, kind and compassionate men and women offends me. (Echoes of blind worship of the peerless and faultless Kim Il-sung, "Great Leader", and Kim Jong-il, "Dear Leader" and "Supreme Leader".)

A docile press has been a crucial factor in how PAP has held on to power, and enriched itself, over the last 48 years since Operation Coldstore (Wikipedia) in Feb 1963.

It is our duty to use the internet in every way possible to spread the truth, and refute the blatant lies in the mainstream media.  The truth shall prevail.


The Temasek Review, May 17, 2011 (source)

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has been slammed by PAP supporters in the Straits Times Forum for showing ‘disrespect’ to former prime ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong.

The duo had recently announced their departures from the Singapore cabinet though they will remain as MPs in parliament.

In a brief press release, SDP said it welcomed the move and urged the Prime Minister to trim down the Prime Minister’s Office to save taxpayers’ monies on unnecessary ministerial positions such as the one and only ‘Minister Mentor’.

Though SDP’s view was shared by many young Singaporeans, some PAP supporters who have been ‘indoctrinated’ by years of ‘education’ by the Straits Times find it hard to stomach.

The Straits Times Forum actually dedicated one single column ‘SDP’s remarks’ to lambast SDP without offering its supporters a right of reply.

Goh Siok Noi wrote that she was ‘appalled’ by SDP’s remarks:

“Given the contributions made by MM Lee Kuan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong, such remarks were uncalled for. I hope future opposition leaders will set an example for graciousness rather than offer disparaging remarks to spark another round of debate against the People’s Action Party.”

Thomas Richard Prakasan criticized SDP for ‘misinterpreting’ the election rules:

“Even lay citizens like me understand that they contested as MPs, not Cabinet ministers. If this is how the SDP interprets election rules, I would be worried if it gains power.”

For some strange reasons, there were no letters published supporting SDP.

The Straits Times should remember that SDP garnered 36.1 percent of the votes in the election held on 7 May 2011 and that 4 out of 10 Singaporeans voted for the opposition.

Its continued biased coverage and blatant astroturfing to manage public opinion by censoring and publishing selected letters will only peeve off more readers and cause them to turn to the new media to seek alternative viewpoints.

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