Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011: Ex-Chief of Army's communication skill examined

If you haven't had a chance to hear how an ex-Chief of Army speaks, you may want to watch this Razor TV clip of MG (Ret) Chan Chun Sing speaking at the YPAP 25th anniversary on the topic, "100 Years and Beyond for Singapore".
1. As a President's scholar, why does he speak like a warrant officer with O levels instead of someone with a degree from overseas?

2. His public speaking style is totally, for lack of a better word, "ah-bengish". During my reservist, I meet so many specialists and officers who speak much better than that. And he was the previous Chief-of-Army. I wonder what type of meetings they had at Mindef with him speaking that way.

3. Was he deliberately dumbing down his delivery style to "connect" with the PAP rank and file or it this really his natural speaking style? If this is the way he conducts his briefing for the top brass in charge of Singapore's defence, then seriously, I think we're all scr*ewed because communication skills and leadership comes hand in hand.

Top leaders don't have to be top public speakers but if you are to convince and lead 3G (or even 4G) leadership, where the bulk of your NSF and NSmen have diplomas, degrees and some post-graduate qualifications, speaking like my BMT ex-regular platoon sergeant who was not highly educated is not the way to go. Don't forget, in a shooting war, the reservists form the bulk of cannon fodder, not the NSFs and regulars by numbers.

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