Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011: Pre-empting PAP's scare tactic

Source: Why is MM Lee so quiet recently?

Why is LKY so quiet?

Usually before an election, LKY will dish out his usual wisdom, usually in a rather threatening manner. I believe he choose to be quite now so that when he dishes it out just before the election, it will have maximum impact. One will probably recall how he predicted that if PAP is voted out, investments will depart from Singapore and we will become a fishing village and our womenfolk will become maids in other countries. While the 30+ percent that always vote against PAP is immune to this, I am sure it is very effective against a larger number of people.

I think its important to point out what he will dish out again and show why its all falsehood and nothing more than self serving hypocritical statements meant to entrench themselves. Here are some.

Falsehood #1 : Singapore will stop functioning.

All governmental activity will cease. Litter will be slewed everywhere.  The civil service is still in place. It just means that they will now need to get new directions. Perhaps instead of everything being market rate driven, elements of compassion for the citizens can be added. Until these directions come, how the civil service is structured requires it to work as before until new directives are set.

Falsehood #2 : Investments will exit out of Singapore.

Foreign companies are driven by profit. They are not here because they like PAP but because they like how much money they can make here. I do not hear any opposition party advocating driving these investments out or in other words reducing the opportunity for these companies to make the level of profit that they are able to. Our womenfolk will not need to be maids.

Falsehood #3 : Your HDB flats will be worthless.

This is absurd. While its true that its PAP policies that has driven the HDB prices to current ridiculous levels, it is also their policies that make citizens very worried for their children and enslaving them. It’s a demand and supply situation for resale flats. If the prices drop, the group that will be hurt are the ones that bought it last. Its like a pyramid scheme that the PAP has created. Unfortunately, there is a need to stabilize the flat prices and the only way is to freeze it at today’s level and allow affordability to catch up.

We need to educate a whole generation that what LKY say is often wrong just as he is right. Perhaps we need them to remember that he had to stand corrected about his blatantly wrong comment about our fellow muslim Singaporeans. Isn’t he the one that wanted to implement the graduate mothers’ priority scheme. What about his disastrous misguided “stop at two” policy? Recall how he has blamed Singaporeans for PAP mistakes, like the Mas Selamat escape. How we are daft if we vote against MBT (Mah Bow Tan), how we need spurs in our behind, how more foreigners will be good for us.

When he comes out and spew his nonsense this election, please make sure everyone is aware that he has been wrong very often too and these threats are just more nonsense from him and should be ignored. In fact, we should start asking why he needs to threaten Singaporeans? What is he trying to hide?

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