Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PAP's smearing campaign: An angry response

Quoting Sam's Thought: What's your douchebag agenda, Dr Vivian?   (here)

I take serious issue with the sentence "The discussion at the forum also touched on sex with boys and whether the age of consent for boys should be 14 years of age."

This statement best exemplifies the hate-mongering tactic of conflating homosexuals with sex with minors, building on misinformation and irrational and ill-informed fears, to perpetuate continual social and institutional discrimination of sexual minorities in Singapore.

Moreover, the forum primarily discussed about Section 377A, and its constitutionality. "Sex with boys"? Seriously? The organisers called a forum, attended by intelligent people fighting for justice and equality and non-discrimination, just to talk about "sex with boys"?

To associate this despicable insinuation with a man and a political party says a lot about the human being that is Dr Vivian.

What is not new is the continual smearing of the SDP, lopsidedly galvanised by the lapdogs that is the mainstream media which has lacked the journalistic diligence and integrity. This time, the religious anti-gay narrative invoked in the form of the "gay agenda" is hurled at the SDP, displacing the dialogue real gentlemen and ladies in the political arena should be respectfully engaged in.

You know what? Even a reasonably media and information-savvy person like myself has negative imaginings of the SDP just by watching Mediacorp news and reading the Straits Times. These excuses for journalism (especially when it comes to domestic politics) have successfully coerced me into believing the SDP is a bunch of psychopathological headless chicken who are always physically aggressive, violently confrontational and are high level threats to domestic security. But information-savvy adults should be able to see beyond the blatant demonisation of the SDP over the years.

The title of the video already speaks of the person who posted it. "Gay Agenda" is being used.

Let me tell you something about the "Gay Agenda". It does not exist. The agenda is justice, equality, equal rights, recognition and respect for people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. There is nothing "Gay" about it.

I am a happily married man who values my union with my wife, and values family, and I endorse the movement towards justice, equality, equal rights, recognition and respect for people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Gay people do not ruin my family. They do not convert me or my wife to adopt "alternative lifestyles". They are not the demons that homophobes make them out to be.

Dr Vivian, in using the video with an erroneous and misleading title and description, continues to validate and perpetuate the myth that gay people prey on the very young. This is tantamount to creating a moral panic.

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