Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote for change: What is PAP's vision for Singapore?

by Helluo Librorum

I believe that the long-term vision of the PAP for Singapore is to make Singapore into an open city, serving as the service and, to a lesser extent, manufacturing hub of the entire East Asian (China, Taiwan), South Asian (Indian subcontinent) and Southeast Asian super-region.

This vision entails the free flow, in and out of Singapore, of capital, goods, and, crucially, people of all skill levels, from the Nobel laureates to the domestic helps and construction workers, from the entire super-region.

This allows Singapore to secure its economic eminence by exploiting its unique pivotal position between the emerging economic giants of India and China.

In its headlong pursuit of this vision, the PAP government has allowed the uncontrolled free flow of people into Singapore to overwhelm almost every aspect of life, and the infrastructures, on the island.

It has been caught by surprise and has remained inept in dealing with the multitude of woes arising from the massive influx of immigrants.

If the PAP is elected with the same overwhelming majority in the next parliament, its vision for Singapore will be brought much, much closer to realization during the next five years.

And the character of Singapore will be radically and irrevocably transformed --- into an open city of the super-region of East. South, and Southeast Asia.

Such radical transformation of Singapore must be very thoroughly debated in and out of parliament. It cannot be surreptitiously implemented by the PAP government behind a smokescreen.

We must vote in a strong opposition in the next parliament to ensure that the PAP engages in a thorough debate with Singaporeans on the future of Singapore.

There is no time to lose. The hour for change is at hand.

Vote for change. Vote for the future of Singapore.

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