Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is it in your interest to vote for PAP? (Part 3)


Mrs Tan has prepared a sumptuous meal for her husband to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary. She wants to please her husband tonight. She anxiously awaits for his return from work.

Mr Tan has just returned home. She eagerly greets him, only to be met by a very dejected-looking man. In their 20 years of marriage, she has never seen her husband looking so broken.

Mrs Tan (in a soft, concerned tone):
What is the matter, dear?

Mr Tan (tried to open his mouth, but couldn’t. He finally makes a strong effort to do so):
I have just been retrenched.

Mrs Tan (Mrs Tan is shocked. She cannot believe her ears):
How can this be so? You have always been a good performer throughout this 20 years. Your company has been profitable and growing throughout 20 years. Why?

Mr Tan:
9 months ago, my company made a new hire to my department. I was told to act as a mentor to this new guy and impart my knowledge to him. I was ordered to dig my own grave. I was training my own replacement …
my executioner.

Mrs Tan:
Your boss was your buddy during National Service. Why didn’t he protect you?

Mr Tan:
He would have if he were still around. He himself has been replaced. The trouble all happened after the department head was replaced by a Filipino so-called foreign talent. It is a human tendency for people to want to bring in their own people. 一朝天子一朝臣. Once that Filipino becomes head of department, he started replacing Singaporeans with Filipinos.

The same thing goes for China and Indian managers. Depending on the nationality of the department head, the department is either full of Indians or PRCs. The casualties will be Singaporeans. Even those with PHDs are not spared.

If native Singaporeans do not unite in the coming election, we will be displaced by the foreigners brought in by the PAP who cares only about GDP growth and their bonuses. In the coming election, we must unite and show the Pay-and-Pay party that this time, it is pay-back time for their treachery to Native Singaporeans.

Anyway, what happened today was not totally unexpected. I could see the writing on the wall when I saw the new hire whom I was told to mentor.

Mrs Tan:
What about the new hire?

Mr Tan:
The new hire was a Filipino.

Their conversation was abruptly interrupted by the maid. “Master, dinner is ready”. An awkward silence followed. The maid was Filipino.

Mr Tan: (softly to his wife)
Our Filipino maid is innocent. We must make a conscious effort not to blame her just because I lost my job to a political play by Filipinos. However, we can no longer afford her. She has been a good worker and we have to pay her generous compensation … even beyond what the contract stipulates.

Mrs Tan protests. Mr Tan could sense the rising resentment in her voice.

Mr Tan:
Foreigners are not to be blamed. We would have done the same if we had migrated to another country. If a foreign government were to open the floodgates to foreigners, discriminate the locals in favour of foreigners to attract foreigners, you cannot blame the foreigners who will take advantage of the loopholes. The guilty party is the government who sold out to the very people who voted them to power without fail for decades.

Mrs Tan:
I do not understand what you mean by discriminating the locals in favour of foreigners to attract foreigners.

Mr Tan:
Because of government policies, native Singaporeans are discriminated by employers in favour of foreigners in the labour market. It is not that Singaporeans are uncompetitive and have no spurs stuck in their hides. They carry an unfair burden of National Service. Employers do not like Singaporeans who have to go missing for weeks every year. This just makes us more expensive compared to the foreigners. On top of that, foreigners get to enjoy the umbrella protection from the sacrifice native Singaporeans made for National Defence. How can the government expect native Singaporeans to swallow such unfairness? Do you expect Singaporeans to die defending the assets of foreigners who prospered at our expense?
(NS for Singaporeans, Jobs for Foreigners)

Foreigners are also cheaper because employers pay lesser CPF contribution. They are not better, but cheaper – Thanks to discriminatory government policies.

I am under no illusion that I shall be unemployed for quite a long time  … possibly even a year. With the influx of foreigners, employers will have plenty of cheaper replacements (no NS burden and lower CPF contribution) to choose from. Why hire a Singaporean?

Mrs Tan:
Don’t worry. With the election coming, the government is halting the influx of foreign workers.

Mr Tan:
Unfortunately, they are halting the influx of low-paid service or construction type of workers. These are actually desirable foreign workers who lower Singaporeans’ cost of living by taking the necessary but dirty jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do.

We Singaporeans welcome the construction workers who do jobs that we do not want to do. What we dislike are the mediocre cheap replacements so-called foreign talents who displace us by taking away the jobs that we can do, want to do and like to do.

It is fine if they are truly foreign talents who can do jobs that we Singaporeans cannot do. Like highly distinguished engineers who mentor the locals and transfer foreign technology to us. Not the opposite way round like me. I am a Singaporean who lost his job in his own country after mentoring a cheap replacement foreigner because my foreigner boss wants to broaden his political base by getting more of his kind of people on board.

We do not want fake foreign talents who take on managerial positions, blow plenty of hot air and displace local Singaporeans with people of their own nationality. We do not want fake PMETs with fake certificates because the Ministry of Manpower did not do a good job screening them out.

Mrs Tan:
The foreign PMETs is still a smaller population than the low-paid foreign workers.

Mr Tan:
Do you know President Aquino has been quoted in the Philippines press to have said that there are more Filipino PMETs in Singapore than Filipino maids? Singapore created 106000 desirable jobs for Filipinos.

I cannot imagine how many more jobs have been created by the PRC PMETs whose China accent you can hear inside MRTs and buses.

The government like to defend their pro-foreigner policy by saying that the presence of foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans. Come on, fellow Singaporeans. Use your own eyes and ears. Are they creating jobs for us or taking away the good jobs from us? The PAP MPs who use this as an argument are either out of touch or simply lying through their noses because they are too afraid to point out the mistakes of their political masters.

Mrs Tan:
So, what are we to do?

Mr Tan:
Spread the message to your friends and relatives. In the coming election, we Singaporeans have to unite and punish the self-serving ball-less ball-carriers in the government for their treachery.

The PAP fought for a Malaysian Malaysia during their early days. Now, it is our job as Singaporeans to fight them for a Singaporean Singapore. We shall do it in a peaceful manner. Use the ballot box.

Vote wisely. There will be no more next time if we don’t get it right this time. Because by the next general election, there will be enough new citizens to vote against our interests next time round. PAP is even bringing in new citizens to represent us as MPs. Native Singaporeans, Unite!! Or get prepared to sacrifice yourselves to defend foreigners’ assets in times of war while they flee to greener pastures.

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