Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is it in your interest to vote for PAP (Part 4)


Mr Tan takes to the podium. He has decided to speak up for his new-found friends contesting against the PAP on 7 May 2011.

Mr Tan: Fellow Singaporeans and friends,

My friends in the opposition camp have put their future at risk by putting themselves up against a powerful opponent, PAP. If they have the courage to stand up for Singaporeans in public display open to enemy attack, shouldn’t we fellow Singaporeans at least show them support at the ballot box? Unlike the opposition candidates who cannot hide, our voting is secret. Should we not have the decency to support our comrades who put themselves in the frontline behind the scenes?

Fellow Singaporeans, I don’t ask you to make the same sacrifices as opposition candidates. I only ask you to vote for the opposition secretly. Nothing serious will happen to you because your vote is secret. Opposition candidates are the ones taking the risks. For this, they earn my respect. If you are the type who always complain and yet when the time is ripe to do the right thing, you don’t even have the decency and courage to do it, I can only say one thing. To quote a famous PAP candidate, I don’t know what to say (Mr Tan stomps his feet).

Fellow Singaporeans, once again, the PAP is threatening and scaring you. They said you have no future if the PAP loses power. I have heard this so many times. Let me tell you a similar story at my first job. There is this engineer who caused huge losses to the companies because the system he designed had many problems. When my boss wanted to sack him, this engineer employed fear-mongering tactics by saying that he is the best person to fix the problems because nobody is more familiar with the system than him. If he is sacked, the boss will not be able to find a competent replacement who is good enough to fix the problems. My boss got scared and retained him. 5 years later, the problems got bigger. Again, that engineer used the same old trick and my boss got scared again. 5 years later, the problems got bigger still. This time, all of us got sacked. The company went bankrupt. Along the way, that engineer threatened my boss into giving him higher bonuses and salaries while screwing up along the way.

We Singaporeans have given enough chances to the PAP. In 2006, we voted them. Today, the problems are still the same. The only difference is that they have gotten bigger. Are there more foreigners of questionable quality today than 5 years ago? Are housing prices shooting beyond our reach compared to 5 years ago? Do you feel you have a brighter prospects in the next 5 years? Is our cost of living made worse by rising GST, transport costs and government fees?

Do you think the PAP still deserve to be given another chance? Fellow Singaporeans, sack the people who created the problems in the first place. Why give them chance after chance? Give them chance to raise their own salaries and bonuses, then later push the problems to us to bear? If you don’t sack them this time, then we will all end up getting the sack. We will die if we get the sack. For them, they can live in retirement happily ever because they have dug enough gold. Why do you think they can dig so much gold? Because there is no opposing voice to say no whenever they try to dig more gold into their own pockets. On May 7, Singaporeans got to rise up and install a voice in parliament to put a stop to outrageous salaries and bonuses. Singaporeans are not stingy. We just want to make sure our government earn their money deservingly. It is very dangerous to have people approve their own salaries. There will be no end to the gold-digging.

The PAP says vote for them because they have a track record. When it comes to track record, what comes to mind is their track record of threatening voters to vote for them. Worst of all, fellow Singaporeans, PAP use your own money to threaten you. What gives them the right to deny public funds to taxpayers who did not vote for them?

If we surrender to such bullying, then when is it going to end? We will forever be bullied because the big bully is encouraged by your cowardice. Fellow Singaporeans, use your head to think! When someone bullies you, what do you do? You fight back! Of course, we are not violent people. We fight back by not voting for the people who dare to use our own money to bully us. If you do not have the courage to fight back, then you deserve to be bullied forever. Use your big head to think. If not, you don’t even deserve to have your small head!

Fellow Singaporeans, let us unite and vote for our enlightened self-interest. Mahjulah Singapura.

Vote wisely.

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