Sunday, May 1, 2011

What if PAP gets only 49%

There is a very good possibility that the PAP might get less than 50% of the popular votes. If this happens, what are the consequences?

First of all, Singaporeans will continue with their life as normal. There will be little immediate difference to your daily life. In the longer term, your life will improve. Why? Because some of the more draconian PAP policies like floodgate to foreigners, will be curtailed.

Second, the country will continue to function. The Civil Service will still be there. The police will be there to maintain order. Your mail will still be delivered. Your phone will still be working. Your buses and train will still be running. You will still be eating at your favourite food stall.

Third, the PAP as the single largest political party will definitely end up with the most number of seats. Even if they don't get a simple majority of 44 seats, by rule they will still have first priority in forming the next government. They will then have to negotiate with one of the other smaller political parties like WP, NSP, SDP or RP to get their supports to get a simple majority of 44 seats to form the next government. So there will still be a government to run Singapore.

This will be a better government. Because the PAP will have to adopt some of the policies of the minor parties. Most of the minor parties have platforms which are beneficial to the ordinary Singaporeans. I am almost certain that the minority partner will force the PAP to curtail the number of foreigners that are allowed into Singapore. This is good for ordinary Singaporeans. I am also sure they will get the pap to introduce a minimum pay. They will force the pap minority government to build more flats and price it fairly.

They will also forced the PAP government to lower medical care. They will also lower the GST. All these will benefit Singaporeans. These are exactly the things that ordinary Singaporeans wanted. So u should be happy.

You may rightfully ask, how are we going to fund all these additional benefits to Singaporeans? The answer is we have a very very huge secret reserves.

From published figures, we have about $750 billion. Plus hidden reserves, there are over $1 trillion. Now these reserves earn a return. At 5% these reserves will give us an income of $50 billion. This is more than enough to cover the total annual government expenditure. So there is no need to worry about the funding of the extra spending.

You may also ask if this is the case why the PAP government did not do it over the last 5 years. The answer is simple - Lee Kuan Yew's paranoia. LKY has this fixation that we must keep on increasing our reserves even when it is so huge. He has this bad experience during his early childhood when in a fit of anger his father held him by his leg and hung him upside down over a deep well. This is related by himself in his book. So this sad incident left a very deep psychological scar on him. He is perpetually insecure. That is why he is always surround himself with plenty of bodyguards.

Singaporeans need not have to suffer on account of LKY's psychological defect. Singaporeans and their parents have worked hard and made the great sacrifices to bring this nation to where it is today. So Singaporeans deserve much more from their government. An 82-2 type of government will not deliver what you wanted. Your voices are irrelevant. A 44-43 type of government will listen to you and deliver what you wanted. A 44-43 government needs every single vote to stay in power.

So the choice is clear. Vote Oppositions.

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