Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tan Jee Say did not make the cut: SM Goh


So presumably the mudslinging on the opposition candidates have started, first with Dr Vincent Vijey, Chen Shao Mao and now Tan Jee Say?

SM Goh says that Tan Jee Say did not make the cut to a be Parliamentary Secretary? really? for what reasons can we perhaps try to understand where SM Goh is coming from? Was it because Tan JS -

- was not a "yes" man, compliant to whatever SM Goh wanted him to do when Tan was his PPS?
- has no view of his own
- has no strong views about any of the government policies? like his new team mate Tin PL.

Is Tin PL making the cut to be an MP? One wonders? SM Goh should look into his own backyard before casting aspersions on Tan JS.

What is SM Goh's and for that matter PAP's criteria of making the cut? for a Permanent Secretary and for that matter an MP?
- to be compliant?
- to be a "yes" man?
- to parrot the same speech, answers to questions from the public?
- to have no strong views about any of the government policies?
- to have connections? in the old boys school?
- know how to shut up when told to, like Tin PL who is now hiding behind his coat tails?

It seems that people who join the opposition, when they pose some potential threat to the PAP, are mudslinged. Since as SM Goh has conceded that Tan is able, hardworking, though to him, only as a PPS, why has he not been selected to run for the PAP. Could it possibly be that he has too strong views of his own, and too intelligent for the SM Goh and PAP's liking. What else is new?

"SM Goh said that Mr Tan had not made a smart choice in joining the SDP." really? well at least it is a better choice than to be in a team with an immature, feet stomping, Kate Spade loving candidate who has no strong views on any of the government policies, her greatest regret being not bringing her parents to Universal Studios, and do not know what to say when interviewed?

SM Goh believes that they have selected the best candidate to represent Singaporeans despite of the negative feedback from various sources, which the PAP classify as noises, and to disengage? and deleting negative feedbacks on his fb before blocking out the posters?

Interesting though that they have not started any mudslinging on two other government scholars also from the civil service?


News updated on 1 May 2011 at 10:59am By Chiang Ai-Lein & Mavis Toh

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong disclosed on Saturday night that his former principal private secretary (PPS) did not make the cut to be a Parliamentary Secretary, and that was why he resigned from the Civil Service.

Mr Tan, 57, is a Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate contesting in four-member Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

"He was an able, hardworking PPS, but I did ot think he would make it as a Permanent Secretary," said SM Goh, speaking as a PAP rally in Marine Parade GRC. He is leading the PAP team contesting there.

This is why Mr Tan resigned to go out into the private sector to advance his career, SM Goh added.

Mr. Tan went to Oxford University on an Overseas Merit Scholarship, and served as PPS to the then Deputy Prime Minister Goh from 1985 to 1990.

He left the Administrative Service in 1990 to join investment bank Morgan Grenfell Asia, before moving into fund management.

Now a private investor, he said he joined the opposition because he was dismayed at the direction Singapore's society and economy had been taking in recent years.

SM Goh said that Mr Tan had not made a smart choice in joining the SDP.

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