Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New Paper (true to form) smears Dr Chee Soon Juan

Does this look like a protest march?


Sunday, 01 May 2011
Singapore Democrats

Chee Soon Juan signing autographs at Yuhua Stadium

Dr Chee Soon Juan surrounded by supporters at Wooldlands Stadium after SDP Rally
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The New Paper ran a story today with the headlines: "Is he SDP's loose cannon". The report said that "it appeared that he (Dr Chee) was about to lead the group in a march before other party members intervened to stop it."

This was a public rally at the Yuhua Stadium on the evening of 28 April 2011. The event was witnessed by members of the public and The New Paper must be careful how it deals with this issue.

The rally ended and the crowd had started to file out of the stadium. The candidates and Dr Chee were on hand to thank them and say good night.

Along the way many of them asked for Dr Chee's autograph and wanted to take pictures with the SDP Secretary-General.

Dr Chee paused for long moments to oblige the supporters and to chat with them. Is this The New Paper's idea of a march? At no point did Dr Chee or anyone else plan to do a march. The newspaper should refrain from gutter journalism and spreading such untruths.

On the third rally at the Woodlands' Stadium, the candidates announced that they would be mingling with the supporters to personally greet them and answer whatever questions they might have.

When the rally was over, the candidates did exactly that. Several people wanted to take a picture with Dr Chee and to ask him to autograph their books. Dr Chee duly obliged. This was not unlike what happened at the Yuhua Stadium the night before.

The OMY went even further. It reported that Dr Chee had insisted on getting on stage to make a speech. As a bankrupt (he was made bankrupt in 2006 by Messrs Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong), he is not allowed to do so. This is utter rubbish. At no point did Dr Chee have any intention to get up on stage.

Is the SPH so desperate that it is reporting such nonsense and not focusing on the SDP candidates' message and our alternative proposals?

This short video clip was taken by TOC at the Woodlands' Stadium. Does it look like a protest march? The New Paper must be a responsible newspaper and stop writing nonsense. 


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  • No hope
  • Those who were present and can vouch for what was happening should write to The New Paper to strongly protest the slanted reporting.

    They should be sued them for damages.
  • JackalRovers - OMG the mainstream are such liars
  • No respect for The New Paper tabloid for running that report. There is no protest march. I can vouch for that in the Woodlands Stadium. I was down on the running track with my two kids..mingling with all the candidates , shaking hands and making enquiries. Some section of the people was asking autograph from Dr. Chee, which he duly obliged..some asked for photograph, which he duly obliged. Then he moved to the exit with throng of well-wishers just curious and following to see a glimpse of him. If that is protest march, I be fallen dead right now. The tabloid The New Paper should apologize for making a negative false report.
  • firepower - SPH so desperate ?
  • It's PAP that is desperate! However,SPH is only the puppet, but that seem like a really desperate attempt to deflect the focus of the public from the real issues.

    Well it all seems rather futile! But nice try SPH. Such faithful eunuchs!
  • leoman - Rise of the phoenix
  • As it was known, by hooks or by crooks, the ruling PAP, is still very critical of SDP & Dr Chee.

    They are afraid, very afraid of the progresses and the rapid expansion of SDP.

    The fact that many residents, many SDP supporters are seeking Dr Chee's autograph and uncompromising supports for the SDP, moves a few more bits up their thermometer.

    I should say, STAY PRUDENT, STAY FOCUS.

    Hard-handed and mean, harsh and smears are well known typical disgraceful abusive tactics of the PAP, when they face a strong-willed and enthusiastically supported SDP.

    Well, prudence is the order of the day.

    There come a day we shall see THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX.

    Wishing SDP's SUPERB 11:
    Michelle,Vincent, Ang YG, Tan JS, James, John Tan, Sadavisam, Jarrod, Mohd Isa, Alec Tok & Teo SL, My vote goes to you.

    Yours anonymously,

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