Monday, May 2, 2011

Boycott PAP-controlled The New Paper and stop pro-PAP smear campaign

Enraged netizens have started a Facebook campaign to boycott the PAP-controlled gutter press, The New Paper (TNP), which fabricates blatant falsehood to favor the PAP cause in this election. (See Kirsten Han's letter of complaint here.)

Stooping to the level of printing lies utterly destroys the journalistic integrity and credibility of TNP. How can anyone believe anything printed in TNP?  TNP prints fiction and fantasy.

To deter future smear campaigns, it is unfortunately necessary to name and shame the reporters responsible for the false report. In this instance, they are Bryna Sim (Facebook site: here) and Melvin Singh.

Melvinderpal Singh (picture here)
Deputy Editor TNP
Office: (65) 6319 5567

You can register your disapproval of TNP, and serve the greater cause of forcing the PAP media to behave decently, by liking the Facebook page:  Boycott TNP The new Paper -- Stop Gutter Journalism (here), and stop buying or reading TNP.

From the page Boycott TNP The new Paper -- Stop Gutter Journalism :
Fed up of TNP's frequently inaccurate reporting? Against the blatantly misleading reports? Tired of gutter journalism and biased editors and reports? Join this page!
Spread the word to your friends, for all who dislike the TNP and gutter papers of Singapore.

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