Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anger at PAP. Celebrities support SDP

Singapore Democrats
May 4, 2011 (source)

Whatever the results come the morning of 8 May, politics in Singapore has changed forever. At last, Singaporeans are shedding their fear of supporting the opposition.

Disillusionment and even anger at the PAP are causing people to turn away from the PAP. We have seen establishment figures join the opposition. Mr Tan Jee Say's and Dr Ang Yong Guan's candidacies under the SDP are prime examples.

We have had a couple of people who have been office holders of Citizens' Consultative Committee declaring their support for us.

And get this: A businessman who said he was also a PAP member came to our office yesterday and gave us a substantial donation.

We reported here that businesses that have hitherto be wary of supporting the opposition have come forward to support, or at least, express their sympathy for the SDP.

At our rallies we have seen our very own celebrities coming to our rallies and cheering us on. Mr Lim Kay Siu seen here in the photograph with Ms Neo Swee Lin have expressed their support. Also in the picture is model and MTV star Ms Denise Kessler and Ms Nadine Kessler.

Celebrities at SDP Rally

Neo Swee Lin

Some are even boldly expressing their support of the opposition right in front of the PAP. This man was seen holding up the SDP's fan and WP's flag at the lunchtime rally held by the PAP at the UOB Plaza downtown.

After many long and lonely years, we are finally seeing Singaporeans shedding their fear, and expressing their support for the Singapore Democratic Party. We are touched and we are grateful.

Actor Lim Kay Siu greeting Dr Chee and supporting SDP

But we want you to remember, you are not doing this for us. You are doing it for yourselves, your loved ones and, most important, your country.

Freedom, justice and patriotism are concepts that are hard to describe but feel it you will know it. They are contagious.

Let us all do something totally outrageous this elections: Let us commit wanton acts of patriotism, mindless spread of compassion and unthinking deeds of justice for our fellow countrymen and women.

SDP's Alec Tok (left) with director Glen Goei

You know you want to do it. More important, you know you are capable of doing it.

The time has come to bring change to this island we call home. We are the change that we want to see. Good things await those who dare mightily, who dare to change.

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On Saturday, there is only one choice. SDP.

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