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Associate Professor of Medicine at the National University of Singapore is a disqualified ex-medical doctor in Florida

TR Emeritus, Sep 8, 2012 (source) (more info)

Skeleton found in the National University of Singapore/National University Hospital closet -- Amazing

Prof Jiade Jay Lu of National University Hospital
Prof Jiade Jay Lu of National University Hospital

TR Emeritus (TRE) reader’s family member was seeking treatment at National University Hospital (NUH) when a referral was made to see  Associate Prof Jiade Jay Lu (陆嘉德)of Department of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS), who is also Head of Radiation Oncology Department, National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS).

To find out more about Prof Lu’s professional background, the TRE reader did a google search and was shocked to find out that Prof Lu actually had his medical practising licence revoked (in Florida) or questioned in several states [Florida, New York, Indiana] in the U.S. since Jan 2002 [Link][Link][Link][Link].


[Jiade J Lu (born 1970, Shanghai) graduated with BSc from SUNY (State University of New York) Buffalo in 1992, and MD from SUNY Buffalo Medical School in 1996 (source1, source2).

During 1997-2001, Lu underwent training (residency) in radiation oncology in University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and the affiliated Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

He joined NUS in 2001 (screenshot below, source), which is after his unethical prescriptions (in Miami, Florida in 1999), but before his medical disqualification (Feb 25, 2003, due to the said unethical behavior) in Florida. 

Lu apparently holds a valid New York State medical licence (source). His Pennsylvania and Indiana medical licenses have expired.

Jiade J Lu is a Distinguished Clinical Professor in Radiation Oncology at The Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai. (上海复旦大学附属肿瘤医院特聘教授) (source)

He is (was?) also a senior radiation oncologist at Ruijin Hospital (under Shanghai Jiaotong University) (上海交通大学附属瑞金医院) in Shanghai.]


Jiade J Lu's positions 2000-2009 (source)

Jiade J Lu's positions 2000-2009


See his Baidu bio (in Chinese) at the end of this post.

Jiade J Lu at Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai (source)


The reader then immediately sent an email to NUS, NUH, SMC and MOH, copied to TRE. In the letter, the reader asked if NUH and the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) knew about this and why had NUH hired him and why had the SMC granted him a licence to practise in Singapore, given his background.

The reader said, “Even more disturbing, Prof Jiade Lu is now in senior leadership position at NUH (Medical Board, Vice Chairman for Research), National Cancer Institute Singapore (Head and Senior Consultant, Radiation-Oncology) and NUS (teaching staff).”

Given his bad record and that he is a NUS teaching staff, the reader said she is deeply concerned of the kind of teaching/training our future doctors are receiving at NUH/NUS.

She asked NUH/NUS, “I would like to enquire if a background check is done on prospective foreign drs? (I only spent about 5 mins to google this).”

She wondered “how could someone with such a record” rise to attain senior leadership positions in our university hospital?

She said, “I am concern what values are imparted to our young training doctors, given that NUH/NUS is a major teaching hospital in Singapore.”

“I am very concern about the checks and balances for employment at NUH. Are independent checks being done on prospective foreign drs? A simple google search revealed so much detail about Prof Lu. I consider my family lucky as I managed to find this out before seeing Prof Lu. I have since decided to go to another hospital.”

She explained why she decided to write the letter.

She said, “I have thought hard and long about writing in on this issue. But for the sake of all the future patients who seek treatment at NUH, patients’ safety remains of paramount importance.”

After several email correspondences between the reader and the various govt entities as well as enquiries from TRE, NUH then decided to hold a media conference yesterday (7 Sep 2012) and release a public statement today (8 Sep 2012).

In the statement, NUH confirmed that Prof Lu’s practicing certificate had been revoked in the U.S. but NUH decided to continue to back him.

NUH said, “The National University Hospital (NUH) and the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) have looked into claims that a doctor on the staff of NCIS was hired to work here even though his practicing certificate had been revoked in the United States.”

NUH continued, “Dr Lu has informed us that he very much regretted his 1999 involvement in the online prescription of drugs, which he puts down to a lapse of judgement. It is an error for which he has already been penalized by the US medical authorities where these offences occurred.”

“In the 11 years that Dr Jay Lu has been on the medical staff of the NUH and subsequently, the NCIS, he has served with diligence and enthusiasm. He is a physician who has earned the gratitude of his patients and the respect of his colleagues and students.”

Praising Prof Lu’s talent, NUH added, “We took on board a talented and enthusiastic physician who, when he came to us, was not encumbered by legal challenges brought on by health regulatory bodies. Dr Lu has shared a full and thorough account of what transpired.”

According to this Final Order document [Link] from the Florida’s Board of Medicine, which ordered the revocation of Prof Lu’s licence in the State of Florida, it revealed the following interesting facts:

• From on or about March 1, 1999 to December 31, 1999, Respondent (Dr Lu) inappropriately prescribed Viagra over the internet through U.S. International Health Care, Inc., which advertised at­
• US-Care offered Viagra for sale to any internet contact who answered questions indicating current medications, state of health and medical history, and who provided a valid credit card number.
• The contact responding to US-Care’s ad paid a consultation fee, shipping and handling fee and chose from a schedule for quantities of Viagra tablets.
• Respondent received completed questionnaires from an associate at US-Care.
• Respondent issued prescriptions for Viagra in the name of individuals from outside the United States who had paid US­-Care and completed the questionnaire.
• Respondent then delivered the prescriptions, or caused the prescriptions to be delivered to a pharmacy in Miami, Florida, with a request that the pharmacy fill the prescription.
• Respondent then picked up the prescriptions or had them picked up for delivery to Respondent.
• Respondent sent the prescriptions to the individual who had paid US-Care by mail or commercial delivery, or caused the prescriptions to be sent.
• Respondent did not see or perform a physical examination of the person for whom he signed the US-Care prescriptions described above.
• Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil citrate, a legend drug available only by prescription, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The Florida’s Board of Medicine found Dr Lu failed to practice medicine with that level of care, skill and treatment which is recognized by a reasonably prudent similar physician as being acceptable under similar conditions and circumstances:

  1. Dispensing a legend drug without performing an examination of the patient;
  2. Dispensing a legend drug without making a diagnosis;
  3. Dispensing a legend drug without establishing a treatment plan.

The Board also found that Dr Lu inappropriately dispensed Viagra and failed to keep medical records of patients:

  1. Failing to document an examination of the patient before prescribing a legend drug;
  2. Failing to document a diagnosis before prescribing a legend drug;
  3. Failing to document a treatment plan before prescribing a legend drug.

The original website,, does not appear to be around anymore but an old advertisement of the site tracing back to 1999 can still be found [Link]:

Viagra was released into the market in 1998 and it became a sensational hit with consumers. However, being a legend drug, it requires a prescription from a trained medical doctor before it can be purchased by anyone.

One wonders what had contributed to Dr Lu’s “lapse of judgement”, Viagra anyone?


Jiade J Lu's Florida medical licence revoked (source)

On Sep 24, 2003, Jiade J. Lu, license no. MD-070487-L of New York, NY was assessed a Ten Thousand dollar ($10,000.00) civil penalty and had a public reprimand placed on his permanent record, because he had his license to practice medicine revoked by the proper licensing authority of another state (Florida).  (source1, source2)

On Mar 31, 2011, after meeting the Credentials Committee of Florida Board of Medicine, Jiade J Lu withdrew his application for a Florida medical licence. (screenshot above, source)


Some publications co-edited by Jiade J Lu

Recent papers by Jiade J Lu (source):


陆嘉德 Jiade J Lu (source: Baidu)

Prof Jiade Jay Lu of National University Hospital

同时出任“Journal of Radiation Oncology”(《肿瘤放射治疗学》杂志)主编,“Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology”(《亚太临床肿瘤学杂志》)副主编,中国《临床肿瘤学》杂志、《抗癌》杂志副主编,《中国癌症杂志》特邀常务编委,美国癌症信息网首席医学顾问,以及ELSEVIER、Excerpta Medica、Healthway Medical等多家跨国出版或上市医疗公司学术顾问及独立董事。
1992年毕业于美国布法罗纽约州立大学(State University of New York at Buffalo)生物化学系,获学士学位;1996年毕业于该校医学院并获医学博士学位; 1997年~2001年间于美国佛罗里达迈阿密大学主修肿瘤放射治疗学,并于2001年获美国放射医学院肿瘤临床放射治疗学专科资质(Board-Certified)。2004~2005年间同时就读于美国洛杉矶加州大学(UCLA)管理学院与新加坡国立大学管理学院,并于2005年获管理学双硕士学位。
2001年因临床科研成就或北美放射医学会(RSNA)科研奖。目前主要从事肿瘤临床治疗与科研工作,尤其是肿瘤的立体适形放射和调强适形放射治疗、头颈部与消化道肿瘤的多学科综合治疗、肿瘤分子生物学研究与靶向治疗。近五年来在包括Journal of Clinical Oncology、Cancer、Cancer Journal、Head and Neck等欧美主流医学期刊发表论文六十余篇,主编由Springer出版集团出版并全球发行的“Radiation Oncology: An Evidence-Based Approach”、“Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: MultidisciplinaryManagement”、“Decision Making inClinical Radiation Oncology”、“Clinical Target Volume Delineation in Practice ofRadiation Therapy”(在编)、“Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy”(在编)、“Encyclopedia of Radiation Oncology”(在编)等多部英文专著与教材,以及上海科技教育出版社出版的《常见恶性肿瘤治疗进展》(主编:吴孟超、廖美琳、陆嘉德)、《常见恶性肿瘤诊治进展系列》(总主编:吴孟超、陆嘉德)以及《常见恶性肿瘤诊治进展系列-鼻咽癌》(主编:潘建基、陆嘉德)等多部肿瘤学及方法学专著。

“Radiation Oncology: An Evidence-Based Approach” published

Oct 2, 2008 (source)

    美籍华裔学者陆嘉德与美国现代肿瘤放射治疗奠基人之一Luther W. Brady共同发起主编的《循证肿瘤放射治疗学》一书在日前召开的美国第50届肿瘤放射治疗学年会上公开发行,成为年会上最畅销书籍,并连续3天列亚马逊图书排行榜医疗类图书前40位。    陆嘉德上月 26日表示,放射治疗作为癌症治疗的主要手段之一已有近百年历史,美国放射治疗研究与学术水平一直是世界上最先进的,对全球其它国家和地区都起着主导作用。然而,在美国现代肿瘤学发展史上,肿瘤放射治疗的专着并不多。去年全美肿瘤放射治疗年会上,陆嘉德与Brady第一次见面,和他提到关于写一本循证肿瘤放射治疗专着的想法,短短几分钟时间,Brady就同意了陆嘉德的想法。此后,在两人的密切协作下,在全球最大的科技图书出版公司Springer的配合下,一个由美国、加拿大、新加坡、中国、澳大利亚等多国专家共同编写的专着在短短10个月时间里完成了组织、编写、出版、发行工作。  虽然其中的过程非常艰辛,陆嘉德在写书过程中每天要工作16个小时,但看到书一出版就受到业界的如此肯定,他感到非常欣慰。而最让陆嘉德自豪的是,通过这本书,他把中国肿瘤专家整合进国际一流专家行列,让中国专家与美国专家组成一个团队,发挥各种优势。    陆嘉德说:“的确,亚洲在肿瘤学领域的基础与临床研究落后于美国,问题出在治学和研究理念及方法学上,但中国在肿瘤学领域也有其明显优势,如在患者资源研究、人才资源上。”因此,在编着这本书时,陆嘉德把美国的研究与中国的资源优势进行整合,邀请中国专家与美国纽约史隆凯特琳肿瘤治疗中心、史坦福大学、迈阿密大学等多所著名肿瘤中心专家学者合作。陆嘉德认为,这是提高中国肿瘤治疗水平最快捷的方法之一。  


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