Sunday, October 3, 2010

金砂寨 (Jinshazhai, Jinsha), our ancestral home (Part 2)

This is a further amplification of my earlier post.

There are two sources for my family genealogy. Firstly, my grandfather in 1977 copied out his branch of  the Jinsha (金砂) Tan (陈) clan genealogy, which begins with my 23rd generation ancestor, born in 1204, during the Southern Song Dynasty (南宋, 1127–1279).

For a global perspective, in 1204, the Fourth Crusade, instead of fighting the Islamic forces, fought and conquered  the Byzantines, pillaged Constantinople, and established the Latin Empire of Constantinople (1204-1261).

The other source is a genealogy of the entire Jinsha Tan clan, not just our branch of it, compiled in 1922.  It is briefer in the biographical details of my ancestors.  It has been microfilmed and deposited in the National Archives of Singapore (The microfilm is: Teo Ann Kim Sar District Tan Clan Association, microfilm NA536).

Teo Ann Kim Sar District Tan Clan Association is 潮安金砂陈氏同乡会(see 新加坡潮属团体通讯录), who presumably owns an original copy of the clan genealogy.

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