Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dartmouth College in Fall, 1947

A rare film of Dartmouth College (USA) in the fall of 1947. Of particular interest to me is the brief appearance (timestamp 11:35) of Wing-Tsit Chan (陈荣捷, August 18, 1901 - August 12, 1994), the eminent Sinologist on the Dartmouth faculty from 1942 to 1966. Dave Storrs, the owner of Dartmouth Bookstore, also appeared (timestamp 4:16).

Dartmouth Bookstore was started by a student in 1872, and owned by the Storrs family from 1884 to July 2004. It is now privately owned, but operated by Barnes and Noble College Booksellers. (See this.) It was a key source of my intellectual sustenance.

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