Friday, August 26, 2011

Online influence of Presidential candidates

The online influence of the Presidential candidates, whether measured by website Alexa rank (in Singapore), website visitors, or Facebook likes, shows a consistent rank order.

The Presidential candidate with the strongest online influence is Tan Jee Say, followed in rank order by Tan Cheng Bock, Tony Tan, and Tan Kin Lian.

The Alexa traffic ranks in Singapore (as of Aug 24) of their websites are, in the above order, 751, 1421, 1862, 5414.

Alexa reach (%)
Alexa reach (%)

The number of daily website visitors are, in order, 5120, 2560, 2240, and 1303 (source).

The number of Facebook likes are, again in order, 12061, 11410, 5561, 3917.

It is clear that the Internet-savvy Singaporeans favour Tan Jee Say as the next President. The great unknown is how the rest of the electorate will vote.

ps.  From The Online Citizen (here):

On 24th August, we asked our readers who had watched our ‘Face to Face 2: Presidential Forum’ (F2F2) videos to take a survey which asked three questions.
The 3 questions being:

  1. Did you decide who to vote for before watching F2F2?
  2. Did you change your vote after watching F2F2?
  3. After watching F2F2, who do you intend to vote for?

2382 of our readers responded to this survey over the last two days. Of these, 1632 responded that they had decided who to vote for before watching F2F2; but 597 of the 1632 (or more than 26 per cent of respondents) , responded that they changed their mind on who they would vote for after watching F2F2.

According to this survey, Tan Jee Say is the most popular candidate as more than 65 per cent of the respondents to this survey indicated that they intend to vote for him.

pps. As of Sep 3, 2011,  the Alexa traffic ranks in Singapore are: Tan Jee Say 628, Tan Cheng Bock 850, Tony Tan 898, Tan Kin Lian 2942. 

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